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Meal charges for 2019-20

Dear Parents, Harmony strives each day to provide a safe, caring and collaborative atmosphere for our students. Nutritious meals are available daily for a price of $1.70 for breakfast, $3.00 for lunch, and $0.50 for a la carte milk. Schools may also sell Smart Snacks and ice cream, which are only available for purchase from […]


  Please see the most updated newsletter in the link below HSN – Tiger Prints (updated on September 1, 2019 )

Clubs and Activities

We have so many new clubs and activities available for our students this upcoming school year, including various sports, student clubs, and academic competitions. Academic competitions are free and available to all students. After school, clubs will have a fee for materials, and sports will have an equipment fee. Please take the survey if you […]

Shuttle information and survey

We are proud to announce that we will have a shuttle service running from Harmony School of Innovation (PreK-5) to our campus. Please fill out the survey to help us with our planning: http://bit.ly/2Y3ocbM. We will keep you informed about the shuttle service as we prepare for the beginning of the school year.

After school program has changed!

Harmony School of Excellence will no longer partner with Zenith. We will have a new program for students who require afterschool care, starting in August. More details to follow.

School Supply Lists

We have school supply lists for our school at the following link: 6th Grade: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1clHFPKEOJORZ-jyPTd-SzYWh2ypRenuQyEAtkZBNkP0 7th Grade: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SUdH7owa0ExrZu8QbO0C4NJkjY9JXTmzARolK_-0rxo/edit?usp=sharing 8th Grade: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1epdi_VZ6qkmE5UncpSBxxnqs4gakY4dUD-OZZSfCyGs/edit?usp=sharing High School: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RnoSBMsHTUPshqkM3Th76tg7e00mDcZ349qda4FS42I Please note that all students are required to bring a paper, pen and/or pencil to EVERY class. Please review the syllabus that each teacher will provide if there are any extra […]

Parking Permits

All students who drive and park on campus are required to have a parking permit on file. Please turn in the completed forms to the front office, along with the $50 permit fee. Students who park without a permit will have their car towed. If your student receives his/her license during the school year, they […]

Orientation 2019 August 8AM to 5 PM

Orientation will be held on August 9th from 8 am to 5 pm. Please RSVP by clicking on the link: https://forms.gle/5xGLHxFTYYYTeyYU8. If you are not planning to re-enroll on our campus, please stop by the front office and fill out withdrawal forms. These forms are mandatory, and your students cannot enroll at another campus until […]

Uniforms for 2019-20

Please stop by our front office from 8 am to 3 pm daily to purchase your school uniforms. Uniform shirts and pants are REQUIRED to be worn every day. Pants can be navy blue, black or khaki, but no leggings or joggers are allowed. Pants MUST be worn with a belt. Students are not allowed […]

Summer 2019 STAAR TEST Schedule (Re-testers only)

Summer STAAR/EOC Testing Dates (updated) Mon June 24th – EOC English 1 Tues June 25th – EOC US History, EOC Algebra 1, & 8th Math Wed June 26th – EOC English 2 & 8th Reading Fri June 28th – EOC Biology & Makeups The tests will begin at 8:00 am each day. No students will […]

Two important Surveys

Dear Parents and Guardians, There are two important surveys which we need your feedback before we proceed. The first survey is related to drop off / dismissal time for 2019-2020. The second survey is related to the school’s name change. We will be so appreciated if you take both surveys. Please go to Additional Bulletin […]

STAAR Boot Camp (May 4, 2019)

Dear Parents, As you know, STAAR/EOC testing is right around the corner. In order to support our students, Harmony School of Nature will be conducting a STAAR boot camp on Saturday, May 4, 2019. In order to support your child, we have set aside 8:00 AM to 12:30 PM for tutoring and enrichment activities. During this […]

DFW/Waco District Wellness Policy Meeting

District Wellness Plan meeting information:  DFW/Waco District Wellness Policy Meeting We invite all parents, students, staff and other community stakeholders to attend Harmony Public Schools-DFW/Waco District Wellness Policy meeting. The meeting will be held at the district office located at 12005 Forestgate Dr. Ste 110, Dallas, TX 75243 on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 from 9:30am to 12:30pm. We will review our current District Wellness Policy […]